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Table 4 Variables entered on step 2: gender, age, BMI, education (2 categories), participation in sports/outdoor activities earlier in life (2 categories), ACE I/D polymorphism (3 categories), ACTN3 R577X (3 categories) and MAOA uVNTR (3 categories)

From: Distribution of allele frequencies for genes associated with physical activity and/or physical capacity in a homogenous Norwegian cohort- a cross-sectional study

Variables included in the equationBS.E.WalddfSig.Exp(B)95% C.I.for EXP(B)
Gender (Male/Femaler.c.)−0.7690.2539.21810.0020.4640.3150.704
Education (Higher/Secondary$r.c.)0.8430.2679.94410.0022.3241.3353.745
Sports earlier in life (Yes/Nor.c.)0.6430.2079.63510.0021.9021.2232.711
ACE (all genotypes)  0.61120.737   
ACE (ID/DDr.c.)0.1830.2480.54510.4611.2010.7381.953
ACE (II/DDr.c.)0.1880.2970.40210.5261.2070.6752.16
ACTN3 (all genotypes)  11.47320.003   
ACTN3 (XX/RRr.c.)−0.4910.3222.32510.1270.6120.3261.15
ACTN3 (RX/RRr.c.)−0.8430.25111.26810.0010.4300.2630.704
MAOA (all genotypes)  0.77720.678   
MAOA (Low TA/High TAr.c.)0.2110.2420.75810.3841.2350.7681.987
MAOA (Heterozygotes/High TAr.c.)0.0890.3170.07910.7781.0930.5882.035
  1. Significant values (p < 0.05) are indicated in bold; r.c.- reference category; $ - Secondary education or lower