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Table 2 Genotype distribution for the ACTN3, ACE and MAOA gene according to PA level

From: Distribution of allele frequencies for genes associated with physical activity and/or physical capacity in a homogenous Norwegian cohort- a cross-sectional study

 Low/medium PA levelHigh PA level
GenotypeAll (n = 215)Females (n = 82)Males (n = 133)All (n = 616)Females (n = 334)Males (n = 282)
Total (n)21482132608330278
Total (n)1616596455250205
Total (n)18770117534290244
 Low TA129.4%14.3%38.5%27.7%15.2%42.6%
 High TA255.1%44.3%61.5%49.1%42.1%57.4%
  1. Data are presented as frequency and percentages. n- number of subjects, TA- transcriptional activity genotype. 13-repeat allele male carriers and female homozygotes; 23.5- or 4-repeat allele male carriers and female homozygotes or heterozygotes; 3females only; *P < 0.01 difference in ACTN3 genotype distribution between low/medium and high PA level