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Table 4 Comparison of allele type for the four QTLs for lines with high and low germination across various AG screening methods

From: Trait-based mapping to identify the genetic factors underlying anaerobic germination of rice: Phenotyping, GXE, and QTL mapping

LinesScreen house (AG)Tray (AG)Screen house (NS)Across environmentsPC1PC2qAG1–2qAG6–2qAG7–4qAG10–1
IR 128754–16173.472.794.080.1−1.71.1+H+
IR 128754–16570.353.494.972.9−0.71.6HHH+
IR 128754–8175.154.388.172.4−1.12.1+
IR 128754–5170.−1.51.8+H
IR 128754–17857.270.683.370.2−2.10.4++.+
IR 128754–864.53.686.831.51.6−0.9
IR 128754–1014.80.084.429.71.7−0.7H
IR 128754–10210.57.070.729.50.60.0
IR 128754–−0.5H
IR 128754–1360.−0.2
  1. AG anaerobic germination, NS non-stress aerobic condition, PC principal component + BJ1 allele at peak marker, − NSIC Rc222 allele at peak marker, H heterozygous at peak marker, in bold text are the parents of the population