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Table 1 hopperBd-we element transformation experiments in D. melanogaster and A. suspensa

From: The hAT-family transposable element, hopper, from Bactrocera dorsalis is a functional vector for insect germline transformation

Hosta Vector G0 eggs injected G0s matedb No. G0 lines No. fertile G0 lines No. G1
transformant lines
Dm pKhop [Dmwhite+] 436 131 98 79 2 0.025
Dm phop [PUb-DsRed.T3] 1056 203 170 129 2 0.016
As phop [PUb-DsRed.T3] 1453 389 103 94 9 0.096
  1. aDm: D. melanogaster w[m] strain; As: A. suspensa wild type strain
  2. btotal number of G0 adults mated based on 70, 140, and 80 single G0 adult matings (to 3 opposite sex adults) for D. melanogaster pKhop[Dmwhite+] and phop[PUb-DsRed.T3] transformations, and the A. suspensa phop[PUb-DsRed.T3] transformation, respectively; additional G0s were mated in groups of 2–3 same sex G0 adults to opposite sex adults
  3. ctransformation frequency calculated as number of transformant lines per number of fertile lines