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Table 4 Signatures of polygenic adaptation through functional enrichment analysis. We have listed the most relevant terms of the analysis. The two lists of genes used for the analysis were taken from the significant windows under putative positive selection for SFselect and iHS. The genes used for this analysis are listing the genes with significant SFselect or iHS scores. A biological term was considered significant if the p-value after a Benjamini-Hochbert (BH) correction was below an alpha value of 0.05

From: Positive selection in admixed populations from Ethiopia

Term Population P-value (BH) Test
Response to virus Amhara 0.006 SFselect
RNA surveillance Somali 0.005 SFselect
Regulation of viral process Wolayta 0.026 SFselect
Type I interferon binding Amhara 0.018 SFselect
Type I interferon production Gumuz 0.020 SFselect
Positive regulation of interferon-gamma production Gumuz 0.027 iHS
B-cell activation and regulation of immunoglobulin production Amhara, Somali 0.017; 0.01 SFselect
Regulation of immunoglobulin production Amhara 0.018 SFselect
Hepatitis B Amhara 0.03 SFselect
Tuberculosis Amhara 0.047 SFselect
Measles Amhara 0.04 SFselect
Leishmaniasis Gumuz 0.049 iHS
Lupus erythematous Somali, Wolayta, Gumuz 0.0009; 0.02; 0.026 iHS
Folic acid containing compound metabolic process Amhara, Somali, Wolayta 0.013; 0.02; 0.02 SFselect
Folic acid metabolic process Amhara, Wolayta 0.019; 0.01 SFselect
Metabolism of folate Amhara 0.017 SFselect
Pterines and folate biosynthesis Amhara 0.02 SFselect
Cellular response to UV-B Amhara, Somali 0.002; 0.0019 SFselect
Cellular response to UV Amhara, Somali 0.018; 0.0027 SFselect
Cellular response to radiation Amhara, Somali 0.01; 0.001 SFselect
Cellular response to vitamin D Amhara 0.02 SFselect
Bone mineralization Somali 0.03 SFselect
Osteoclast differentiation Wolayta 0.03 SFselect
Negative regulation of cardiac muscle tissue development Gumuz 0.02 SFselect
Negative regulation of striated muscle tissue development Gumuz 0.037 SFselect
Muscle fibre development Somali 0.036 iHS