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Table 1 Genes specific to type I, II, and III editing sites

From: Systematic analysis reveals cis and trans determinants affecting C-to-U RNA editing in Arabidopsis thaliana

Type I/II/III site specific genes Gene ID Gene name
Type I site ATCG00740 RPOA (RNA polymerase alpha subunit)
Type I site ATCG00670 CLPP1 (Caseinolytic protease P1)
Type I site ATCG01050 NDHD (NAD(P) H dehydrogenase complex)
Type I site ATCG00040 MATK (Maturase K)
Type II site ATMG00180 CCB452 (Cytochrome C biogenesis orf452)
Type II site ATMG00690 ORF240A (FO-ATPase subunit)
Type II site ATMG00080 RPL16 (Mitochondrial ribosomal protein L16)
Type II site ATMG00640 ORF25 (Plant b subunit of mitochondrial ATP synthase)
Type II site ATCG00180 RPOC1 (RNA polymerase beta’ subunit-1)
Type II site ATCG00300 PSBZ (Photosystem II subunit)
Type III site ATMG01170 ATP6–2 (ATPase subunit 6)