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Table 1 The locations of rice crops used in this experiment

From: Identification and genetic analysis of qCL1.2, a novel allele of the “green revolution” gene SD1 from wild rice (Oryza rufipogon) that enhances plant height

EnvironmentCrop locationCropping season
E1Shunyi, BeijingN40.20°, E115.51°Apr-Oct. 2017
E2Nanjing, Jingsu Province,N32.03°, E118.47°May-Oct. 2017
E3Sanya, Hannan Province,N18.15°, E109.31°Dec.2017 -May 2018
E4Shunyi, Beijing, N40.20°, E115.51°April-Oct. 2018
E5Nanjing, Jingsu Province, N32.03°, E118.47°April-Oct. 2018