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Table 3 Additive QTL clusters for stem WSC-related traits in the wheat RIL population

From: Genetic dissection of stem WSC accumulation and remobilization in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under terminal drought stress

Chrom.Flanking markersSite (cM)TraitsNo. of QTLs
1BXmag893-Xwmc4494.6–98.5WSCf, WSCm, WRRpr, WRRps, WCRpr6
2AXmag3579-Xgwm312128.7–130.1WSCm, WRRpr, WCRpr, WCRps5
2BXwmc272-Xgwm63013.4WRRpr, GWMS2
Xgdm87-Xbarc10152.0–59.5WSCf, WSCm, WRRps, WCRpr4
2DXgdm35-Xwmc1122.0–3.5WSCf, WSCg, WRRps3
Xbarc219-Xgwm34989.9–91.9WRRpr, WRRps, WCRps3
3BXgwm284-Xcfd646.4–53.6WSCf, WSCm, WRRpr, WRRps, WCRpr6
Xksum45-Xwmc510117.3–127.3WSCf, WSCm, WRRps4
4BXgwm495-Xbarc6076.5–84.6WSCg, WRRps, WCRps, GWMS5
5AXmag694-Xwmc70510.4–15.8WSCg, WRRpr, WCRps, GWMS5
Xbarc40-Xcfd212137.7–38.2WRRpr, WRRps, GWMS5
Xgwm443-Xcfa215598.8WSCf, WRRps, WCRps3
6AXgwm570-Xwmc55358.4WRRpr, WCRpr2
6BXcfd13-Xwmc7375.8WSCg, WRRps, WCRpr3
Xgwm193-Xwmc53948.1–52.0WSCg, WSCm, WRRps3
Xwmc341-Xwmc18269.4–75.4WSCg, WRRpr, WCRps3
7AXbarc1034-Xwmc27326.7WSCf, WSCg, WCRps3
Xwmc603-Xwmc60794.8–101.1WSCm, WRRpr, WRRps,WCRps, GWMS7
Xbarc195-Xbarc121113.2WSCf, WSCm2
  1. WSC water-soluble carbohydrate concentration, WSCf WSC at the anthesis stage, WSCg WSC at the grain-filling stage, WSCg WSC at the grain-filling stage, WSCm WSC at the maturity stage, WRRpr pre-anthesis WSC remobilization rate, WRRps post-anthesis WSC remobilization rate, WCRpr pre-anthesis WSC contribution rate, WCRps post-anthesis WSC contribution rate, GWMS grain weight of main spike. Site (cM), the marker intervals or specific positions of QTL cluster