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Table 1 Summary statistics of stem WSC-related traits in the parents and the wheat RIL population under drought-stressed (DS) and well-watered (WW) conditions across different environments

From: Genetic dissection of stem WSC accumulation and remobilization in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under terminal drought stress

TraitWater regimeParentsRILs
Longjian19Q9086MeanMin.Max.CV (%)Skew.Kurt.h2B
WSCf (mg.g− 1 DW)DS127.33113.80*115.34*51.39175.3221.11*−0.25− 0.170.54
WSCg (mg.g−1 DW)DS185.38157.84*168.73*71.36257.9217.78−0.360.280.69
WSCm (mg.g−1 DW)DS34.1743.82**40.53**7.3295.9033.26**0.790.880.70
WRRpr (%)DS69.2954.46**64.78**32.6390.3613.93**−0.600.280.57
WRRps (%)DS31.3824.52**25.00**3.6571.7538.78**0.330.110.51
WCRpr (%)DS16.409.54**15.11**3.6527.9235.92**0.29−0.670.60
WCRps (%)DS8.424.51**5.70**0.7527.9851.37**0.57−0.230.54
GWMS (g)DS1.050.89*0.98**0.481.5218.92**0.05−0.400.73
  1. The phenotypic data for each trait is the mean averaged across three experimental sites under drought-stressed (DS) and well-watered (WW) conditions at Anning farm station, Gansu, China (103°51′E, 36°04′N, 1600 m ASL) in 2012–2013 (E1), at Yongdeng farm station, Gansu, China (103°18′E, 36°42′N, 1950 m ASL) in 2013–2014 (E2), and at Yuzhong farm station, Gansu, China (104°07′E, 35°51′N, 1900 m ASL) in 2014–2015 (E3). The asterisks in the column of “parent Q9086” represent significant differences in phenotypic data between two parents by the F test. The asterisks in the columns of “mean” and “CV (%)” represent significant differences in phenotypic data between two water conditions by the F test. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01. WSC water-soluble carbohydrate concentration, WSCf WSC at the anthesis stage, WSCg WSC at the grain-filling stage, WSCg WSC at the grain-filling stage, WSCm WSC at the maturity stage, WRRpr pre-anthesis WSC remobilization rate, WRRps post-anthesis WSC remobilization rate, WCRpr pre-anthesis WSC contribution rate, WCRps post-anthesis WSC contribution rate, GWMS grain weight of main spike, Min minimum, Max maximum, CV coefficient of variation, Skew skewness, Kurt kurtosis, h2B broad-sense heritability