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Table 1 Summary of the sequencing results of the six peach accessions

From: Detection and application of genome-wide variations in peach for association and genetic relationship analysis

SampleSpeciesOriginPopulationRaw bases (G)Clean bases (G)Coverage rate (%)Sequencing depth (×)
Ka Shi Huang Rou Li GuangP. persicaSinkiang, PRCEdible landrace15.0414.9897.8363.81
Ji Mi Xia Ye TaoP. persicaHenan, PRCImproved variety19.8719.7797.2987.77
Xin Jiang Pan Tao 2P. ferganensisHenan, PRCEdible landrace18.9018.2696.8064.65
Xia Miao 1P. persicaShaanxi, PRCEdible landrace20.2220.0698.0889.38
Sa Hua Hong Pan TaoP. persicaShanghai, PRCEdible landrace17.6917.6796.8576.06
Wu Yue Xian Bian GanP. persicaBeijing, PRCEdible landrace15.6315.1197.1769.15