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Table 4 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms significantly associated with goat milk yield and resilience phenotypes at genome-* and chromosome-wide level

From: Genetic analysis of novel phenotypes for farm animal resilience to weather variability

ChrPosition (bp)TraitBeta effect ± SE-log10(P)pve (%)Nearest genes
32,389,800TMY0.6580 ± 0.15014.930.18HDAC4
442,384,455TMY0.7455 ± 0.16465.220.19HECW1
839,875,253TMY1.1943 ± 0.18639.82*0.37SLC1A1; GLIS3
1358,370,939TMY0.7424 ± 0.14846.24*0.24BMP7; TFAP2C
1366,542,955T−0.0041 ± 0.00104.590.17RPRD1B; LOC108637373
THI−0.0025 ± 0.00064.530.16
1469,473,160TMY−0.7232 ± 0.15975.220.19LOC102186225
1926,192,068T0.0040 ± 0.00094.640.17TRNAS-UGA; KIF1C
1926,578,715T0.0040 ± 0.00104.520.16LOC102178853; ALOX12
1926,610,550T0.0042 ± 0.00104.900.18RNASEK
abs (T)0.0156 ± 0.001524.55*0.91
THI0.0024 ± 0.00064.600.17
abs (THI)0.0120 ± 0.001224.12*0.89
TMY3.6668 ± 0.191679.53*2.78
1926,662,221T0.0039 ± 0.00104.500.16ASGR2
1927,480,733T0.0043 ± 0.00095.400.20ALOXE3
THI0.0025 ± 0.00065.130.19
203,621,302TMY−0.7984 ± 0.18284.900.18FGF18; SMIM23
2010,173,528TMY0.8545 ± 0.18825.250.19NAIP
2452,818,318abs (T)−0.0074 ± 0.00174.740.17LOC108633777; LOC108633778
  abs (THI)−0.0058 ± 0.00134.660.17 
  1. TMY Total lifetime milk yield, T Performance change per unit of temperature (°C) change, THI Performance change per unit of temperature-humidity index change, abs Absolute value of corresponding performance change, Chr Chromosome, pve Percentage of explained phenotypic variance. Genome-wide significances are indicated with an asterisk *