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Table 3 Genotype of 56 H. macrophylla varieties at marker locus A109A110

From: Rapid identification of inflorescence type markers by genotyping-by-sequencing of diploid and triploid F1 plants of Hydrangea macrophylla

Genotype at marker locus A109A110 H. macrophylla varieties
Homozygous for B1 (n = 19) Baby Blue (G075_M_4.4 pg)
Bela (G002_M_6.5 pg)
Benelux (G003_M_8.9 pg)
Bodensee II (G009_M_4.4 pg)
Choco Bleu (G068_M_4.5 pg)
Diva fiore (G077_M_4.6 pg)
Glärnisch (G027_M_4.4 pg)
Nikko Blue I (G048_M_4.5 pg)
Paris Rampp (G070_M_4.4 pg)
Pfau II (G052_M_4.4 pg)
R. F. Felton (G079_M_7.0 pg)
Renate Steiniger I (G053_M_4.4 pg)
Tödi (G057_M_4.5 pg)
unknown 1 (G010_M_4.4 pg)
unknown 3 (G015_M_6.6 pg)
unknown 4 (G016_M_6.6 pg)
unknown 7 (G021_M_4.4 pg)
unknown 8 (G024_M_4.5 pg)
unknown 12 (G044_M_6.7 pg)
Homozygous for B2 (n = 10) Early Blue (G076_M)
Forever Pink (G073_M_4.6 pg)
Hörnli (G030_M_4.5 pg)
Madame Emile Mouillère (G040_M_4.5 pg)
Marisii Perfecta (G035_L_4.5 pg)
Mathilde Gütges I (G038_M_4.4 pg)
Sheila (G071_L_4.4 pg)
Sir Joseph Banks (M)/draft genome
unknown 2 (G014_M_4.4 pg)
unknown 5 (G017_M_6.7 pg)
Homozygous for B3 (n = 6) Bergfink (G004_L_6.7 pg)
Buchfink (G005_L_6.7 pg)
Buntspecht (G011_L_4.4 pg)
Rotschwanz I (G055_L_4.5 pg)
Rotschwanz II (G056_L_4.4 pg)
Zeisig (G061_L_4.4 pg)
Homozygous for B4 (n = 3) Bachstelze (G001_L_4.3 pg)
Gimpel (G026_L_4.4 pg)
Libelle (G033_L_4.4 pg)
Homozygous for B5 (n = 2) Mariesii Lilacina (G037_L_4.2 pg)
Nikko Blue II (G049_L_4.0 pg)
Homozygous for B6 (n = 2) Mariesii Grandiflora (G036_L_4.3 pg)
Veitchii (G059_L_4.2 pg)
Heterozygous for B1 and B3 (n = 9) Blaukehlchen (G006_L_4.5 pg)
Blaumeise (G002_L_6.5 pg)
Dark Angel (G072_L_4.5 pg)
Eisvogel (G012_L_6.6 pg)
Grasmücke (G028_L_4.4 pg)
Little Prince (G069_L_4.4 pg)
Möwe (G041_L_6.6 pg)
Nachtigall (G046_L_6.5 pg)
Rotkehlchen (G047_L_4.5 pg)
Heterozygous for B1 and B4 (n = 4) Bläuling (G007_L_4.5 pg)
Geoffrey Chadbund (G025_L_4.4 pg)
Mak20 (G074_L)
Sweet Dreams (G078_L_4.5 pg)
Heterozygous for B3 and B4 (n = 1) Zaunkönig (G060_L_4.4 pg)
  1. These varieties were previously characterized for their SSR marker fingerprint (G), inflorescence type (M mophead, L lacecap) and 2C DNA content. 2C DNA contents from 4.0 to 4.6 pg suggest diploidy, from 6.5 to 7.0 pg triploidy, 8.9 pg tetraploidy. Unknown varieties and Roman numerals refer to previous cultivar characterizations according to Hempel et al. [11]