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Table 2 Summary of the external genes for the selected pathways

From: Identifying and exploiting gene-pathway interactions from RNA-seq data for binary phenotype

Database Pathway Size Top genesa
GO RNA processing 285 TUBB, H3F3B, SDCBP, NT5C2, FKBP5
GO RNA splicing 127 TUBB, IL1R2, H3F3B, IFNGR1, PCSK7
GO cytosolic ribosome 80 TUBB, CAMP, SAMM50, PSMD14, CHD8
GO Cytoplasmic translation 25 TUBB, SDCBP, H3F3B, CMAHP, SLC44A2
KEGG Platelet activation 70 STX7, PCNP, SDCBP, LEF1, TMEM140
KEGG Fc gamma R-mediated phagocytosis 49 STX7, PCNP, CGRRF1, SHOC2, EFTUD2
  1. aTop five external genes for the significant pathway