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Table 1 The results of the test of different Triticum species carrying A-genome for presence of the Chs-A3 copy

From: Organization and evolution of the chalcone synthase gene family in bread wheat and relative species

Species Genome Number of samples Expression
Triticum aestivum L. BBAADD 4 no
Triticum compactum Host BBAADD 1 no
Triticum spelta L. BBAADD 1 no
Triticum dicoccum (Schrank) Schübl BBAA 4 yes
2 no
Triticum dicoccoides (Körn. ex Aschers. et Graebn.) Schweinf. BBAA 3 yes
3 no
Triticum durum Desf. BBAA 1 no
Triticum persicum Vav. BBAA 1 no
Triticum timopheevii Zhuk. GGAA 1 yes
Triticum urartu Thum. Ex Gandil AA 3 yes
Aegilops speltoides Tausch. SS 3 no
Aegilops tauschii Coss. DD 3 no