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Table 3 Non-tolerant amino acid changes in the genes located in the B6.129P1-7LZnt7-KO proximal region (47.4–64.4 Mb)a

From: Subcongenic analysis of a quantitative trait locus affecting body weight and glucose metabolism in zinc transporter 7 (znt7)-knockout mice

Gene Symbol cSNP SNP ID Protein Effect PolyPhen-2 scoreb Transcript ID
Oca2 c.784C > T rs32980941 p.Arg262Ter n.a. ENSMUSP00000032633.5
Atp10a c.118G > T rs240949563 p.Gly40Cys 0.998 ENSMUST00000168747.2
E030018B13Rik c.247G > T rs31348450 p.Gly83Ter n.a. ENSMUST00000177638.1
  1. anon-tolerant amino acid change was predicted by SIFT (Sorting Intolerant from Tolerant,; b Scores close to 0 are predicted to be benign and scores to 1 indicate intolerance to substitution; n.a. not applicable