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Table 2 Results of the f3 for Chinese indigenous cattle1

From: Genome-wide assessment of genetic diversity and population structure insights into admixture and introgression in Chinese indigenous cattle

X population Y population Z population f3 statistics Z-score from f3
QCC2 NDC MGC − 0.0017 −4.8663
QCC TTC MGC −0.0014 −4.33679
NYC NDC MGC −0.0064 −18.3264
NYC TTC MGC −0.0047 −12.8435
LXC TTC FZC −0.0053 −13.0848
LXC TTC MGC −0.0080 −32.1615
LXC TTC JNC −0.0084 −56.7148
LXC TTC QCC −0.0082 −62.5641
JNC TTC MGC 0.0005 1.6375
JNC NDC MGC 0.0014 6.2444
  1. 1Three populations are included in the topology structure. If the f3 statistics result is significant negative, the X population may have descended from an admixture event of the Y and Z populations
  2. 2See Table 1 for breed abbreviations