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Table 3 DMRs associated with the rs12150660 SHBG polymorphism

From: Associations of sex hormone-binding globulin and testosterone with genome-wide DNA methylation

  Differentially methylated region (DMR) N CpGs Ŝidak p-value Gene Rangea
SHBG genotype
  Females Chr2:202901045–202901471 5 1.9E-03 FZD7 0.026, 0.046
  Females Chr12:130060028–130060081 2 9.9E-03 TMEM132D 0.009, 0.018
  Females Chr11:67418045–67418406 10 7.8E-06 ACY3;SMAD3 −0.024, −0.0036
  1. aRange of effect sizes observed across CpGs comprising that DMR, where estimates are change in methylation beta per copy of rs12150660 variant allele