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Table 3 Primary results for GAW20 treatment response group

From: Detecting responses to treatment with fenofibrate in pedigrees

First Named Author Results
Cantor Genetic screening of ML identifies ANAPC2 and KIAA1804 as Fb responsive; rs3087779 and rs1294198 are meQTL for those genes.
Cherlin LASSO regression on LD-pruned GWAS data provides low prediction power in simulated and real data; increasing samples to 7 K provides detectable signals and reasonable prediction accuracy.
Hsu LMM is the preferable approach when adjusting for family structure.
Wu Genome-wide studies identify 229 cis-meQTL for 610 CpG sites using LMM; rs3733749 and cg00514575, upstream of MGAT1 is strongest signal.
Xia Adding CpG ML to a neural network with SNPs and clinical traits improves prediction of TG response to Fb by 4%.
Xu TG LMM identifies 4 significant SNPs, including rs964184 previously associated with lipid lowering statins.
Yang MACROD2 homozygosity intensity is associated with the TG response to Fb using genome-wide GEE.
Yasmeen Including CpG–SNP interactions improves a KST TG prediction model; previously reported CPT1A is nominally replicated.
  1. CpG Cytosine-phosphate-guanine, Fb Fenofibrate, GEE Generalized estimating equation, GWAS Genome-wide association study, KST Kernel score test, LASSO Least absolute shrinkage and selection operator, LD Linkage disequilibrium, LMM Linear mixed models, meQTL Methylation quantitative trait locus, ML Methylation level, SNP Single-nucleotide polymorphism, TG Triglyceride