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Table 2 Design elements of studies addressing fenofibrate treatment effects

From: Detecting responses to treatment with fenofibrate in pedigrees

First Named Author Outcome Variable Genetic & Genomic Predictors Baseline Measures PCs Covariates Included Treatment of Family Data
Cantor Post ML sib corrs & SDs, meQTL SNPs Pre ML sib corrs & SDs    LMM
Cherlin Ln (postTG) SNPs Ln (preTG) 20 Age, center, smoking PCs
Hsu PreTG SNPs   4 Age, sex, center LMM Independents
Wu Ln (postML − preML) SNPs   10 Age, sex, batch, smoking LMM
Xia (PostTG − preTG)/preTG
Binary TG
  PreTG 10 Age, sex, smoking, ML Empirical kinships
Xu PostTG − preTG SNPs   10 Age, center, ATP, smoking, IDF LMM
Yang PostTG − preTG SNPs   10 Age, sex, center, ATP, smoking, IDF GEE
Yasmeen Ln (postTG) ML, SNPs Ln (preTG) none Age Independents
  1. ATP Adult Treatment Panel, IDF International Diabetes Federation, LMM linear mixed model, Ln natural logarithm, meQTL methylation quantitative trait locus, ML Methylation levels, PCs Number of principal components; pre, pretreatment; post, posttreatment, SDs Standard deviations; sib corrs, sibling correlations, SNPs Single-nucleotide polymorphisms, TG Triglyceride levels