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Table 4 The results of functional analysis of targets of predicted microRNAs

From: Molecular mechanism of estrogen-mediated neuroprotection in the relief of brain ischemic injury

  Category Term Count PValue Genes
  BP GO:0045737~positive regulation of cyclin-dependent protein kinase activity 2 0.002892 CCND1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0000079~regulation of cyclin-dependent protein kinase activity 2 0.009065 CCND1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0000082~G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle 2 0.015209 CCND1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0009719~response to endogenous stimulus 3 0.020374 KCNMA1, CCND1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0045787~positive regulation of cell cycle 2 0.023758 CCND1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0051592~response to calcium ion 2 0.026189 KCNMA1, CCND1
  BP GO:0051329~interphase of mitotic cell cycle 2 0.026594 CCND1, ADAM17
MIR-338 MF GO:0030165~PDZ domain binding 2 0.026878 ATP2B1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0051325~interphase 2 0.027403 CCND1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0042981~regulation of apoptosis 3 0.027951 KCNMA1, ETS1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0043067~regulation of programmed cell death 3 0.028656 KCNMA1, ETS1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0010941~regulation of cell death 3 0.028892 KCNMA1, ETS1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0001934~positive regulation of protein amino acid phosphorylation 2 0.038676 CCND1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0010604~positive regulation of macromolecule metabolic process 3 0.040483 CCND1, ETS1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0051272~positive regulation of cell motion 2 0.040678 ETS1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0042327~positive regulation of phosphorylation 2 0.042677 CCND1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0045937~positive regulation of phosphate metabolic process 2 0.043874 CCND1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0032844~regulation of homeostatic process 2 0.045867 ETS1, ADAM17
  BP GO:0051726~regulation of cell cycle 3 0.013609 CCND1, SFRS5, CITED2
MIR520D BP GO:0010552~positive regulation of specific transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter 2 0.037336 ETS1, CITED2
  BP GO:0045787~positive regulation of cell cycle 2 0.042363 CCND1, CITED2
  BP GO:0051592~response to calcium ion 2 0.046653 KCNMA1, CCND1
  BP GO:0019228~regulation of action potential in neuron 2 0.048792 KCNMA1, SCD
MIR-376A, MIR-376B CC GO:0043025~cell soma 2 0.046407 ADNP, GRIN3A
  1. BP biological process, CC cellular component