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Table 1 Sample codes, source and country of origin of different genotypes of three Lepidium species and CHe hybrids analyzed for genetic variation within partial sequences of various genes regulating desirable traits. L. hirtum is represented by three subspecies. Genotypes 1–14 and 27–31 were amplified and sequenced using newly designed primers (Additional file 1: Table S1) while genotypes 15–26 were those used in the RAD-Sequencing project

From: Identification of genes regulating traits targeted for domestication of field cress (Lepidium campestre) as a biennial and perennial oilseed crop

No Sample code Species Source accession/population Country of origin
name obtained from
1 LcSma L. campestre Mörbylånga Newly collected Öland, Sweden
2 LcSstu L. campestre Stuvsta Newly collected Södermanland, Sweden
3 LcCze L. campestre PI 633248 USDA-ARS Czechoslovakia
4 LcGer1 L. campestre LEP 122 IPK, Germany Germany
5 LcSho L. campestre Höör2 Newly collected Skåne, Sweden
6 LcGer2 L. campestre LEP 93 IPK, Germany Germany
7 LcSlj L. campestre Ljugarn Newly collected Gotland, Sweden
8 LcGer3 L. campestre PI 633251 USDA-ARS Germany
9 LcSkr L. campestre Kristianstad Newly collected Skåne, Sweden
10 LcSar L. campestre Årsta1 Newly collected Södermanland, Sweden
11 LcSvi L. campestre Viken Newly collected Skåne, Sweden
12 LcSsk L. campestre Skövde Newly collected Västergötland, Sweden
13 LcSsp L. campestre Spjutstorp Newly collected Skåne, Sweden
14 LcSve L. campestre Ventlinge Newly collected Öland, Sweden
15 LcFra L. campestre PI 633252 USDA-ARS France
16 LcGre1 L. campestre LEP 89 IPK, Germany Greece
17 LcSst L. campestre 094–10 Newly collected Stjärnelund, Sweden
18 LcUK L. campestre 0018580 Royal Botanic Garden, UK ?
19 LcSga L. campestre Gävle Newly collected Gävleborg, Sweden
20 LcStr L. campestre Trelleborg Newly collected Skåne, Sweden
21 LcGer4 L. campestre LEP 94 IPK, Germany Germany
22 LcGre2 L. campestre LEP 92 IPK, Germany Greece
23 LcDen1 L. campestre 4932 4 Botanic Garden-Denmark ?
24 LcDen2 L. campestre NGB22634 NordGen, Sweden Denmark
25 CH1a L. campestre x heterophyllum a LEP 89 & 597856 IPK, Germany & USDA-ARS Germany & Spain
26 CH2a L. campestre x heterophyllum a Huddinge & 597856 Newly collected & USDA-ARS Sweden & Spain
27 LheGer L. heterophyllum 1988/690–148 Marburg Bot. garden, Germany ?
28 LheSha L. heterophyllum Hästveda Newly collected Skåne, Sweden
29 LhiIta L. hirtum ssp. nebrodense PI633253 USDA-ARS Italy
30 LhiSpa L. hirtum ssp. calycotrichum PI597858 USDA-ARS Spain
31 LhiMor L. hirtum ssp. atlanticum Ames 21387 USDA-ARS Morocco
  1. ahybrid of L. campestre and L. heterophyllum;? = no information