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Table 3 Selected immune system-related genes and affiliated protein domains

From: Genome sequencing and protein domain annotations of Korean Hanwoo cattle identify Hanwoo-specific immunity-related and other novel genes

Gene name Length Source Accession Description Start Stop E-value
scaffold_2520.g67.t1 1075 Pfam PF13895 Immunoglobulin domain 425 491 5.40E-09
scaffold_19370.g263.t1 508 Pfam PF07679 Immunoglobulin I-set domain 381 454 8.30E-07
scaffold_8624.g151.t1 512 Pfam PF13895 Immunoglobulin domain 10 73 3.90E-08
scaffold_14147.g214.t1 159 Pfam PF07679 Immunoglobulin I-set domain 27 112 3.40E-24
scaffold_13817.g209.t1 758 Pfam PF00047 Immunoglobulin domain 550 628 5.10E-09
scaffold_5779.g114.t1 142 Pfam PF07679 Immunoglobulin I-set domain 35 70 6.20E-07
scaffold_46987.g437.t1 460 Pfam PF09294 Interferon-alpha/beta receptor, fibronectin type III 44 142 1.20E-17