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Table 1 Summary of the 10 selected regions harboring interesting candidate genes

From: Genome-wide detection of selection signatures in Chinese indigenous Laiwu pigs revealed candidate genes regulating fat deposition in muscle

SSC Position (Mb) Methods Candidate genes Function
1 16.50–16.75 iHS, CLR ESR1 Litter size
5 49.00–49.25 FST, CLR PTHLH Mammary gland and nipple development
6 45.00–45.25 FST, CLR TGFB1 Fat deposition
6 45.50–45.75 FST, CLR GSK3A glycogen synthase
8 45.25–45.5 FST, CLR CPE Fat deposition
8 2.75–3.00 FST, iHS, CLR JAKMIP1 Feed intake
8 55.25–55.50 FST, CLR NPY1R, NPY5R Stimulation of appetite
8 74.00–74.25 FST, CLR CXCL2, CXCL8 Immune response
8 79.75–80.00 FST, CLR TLR2 Immune response
16 50.25–50.50 FST, iHS PIK3R1 Energy balance