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Table 6 Genes related to “abnormal of mammary gland development” in the mammalian phenotype database [24] overlapped with milk QTL identified in the present study

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Dissecting closely linked association signals in combination with the mammalian phenotype database can identify candidate genes in dairy cattle

Gene name Location Phenotype
CAT BTA15: 65,779,325–65,815,261 decreased mammary gland tumor incidence
ELF5 BTA15: 65,824,442–65,854,386 abnormal mammary gland development
STK3 BTA14: 67,677,676–67,987,801 increased mammary gland tumor incidence
DGAT1 BTA14: 1,795,351–1,804,562 abnormal mammary gland development
CHUK BTA26: 20,966,010–21,008,277 abnormal mammary gland growth during pregnancy