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Table 4 Statistically significant correlations between population means, coefficient of variation (CV) of quantitative traits, or genetic variation, and long-term climatic variables, determined by random forest feature selection and Spearman correlation

From: Landraces of snake melon, an ancient Middle Eastern crop, reveal extensive morphological and DNA diversity for potential genetic improvement

Trait Env. variable Rho p Value
TotalYield CV tmax4 −0.4976 0.01567
Early TotalYield CV tmax4 −0.5902 0.00302
Early TotalYield Mean eva3 0.43873 0.03745
Vigor Mean tmean3 −0.4917 0.01717
Female Fl. Date Mean prec2 −0.4042 0.05572
Late Vigor Mean tmin6 0.71803 0.00011
uHe prec3 0.54437 0.00724
  1. Tmax4, temperature maximum in April; eva3 – evaporation in March; tmean3, tmean6 – temperature minimum in March and June, respectively; prec2, prec3 – precipitation in February and March, respectively