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Table 1 Data on landraces used in this study and their respective collection sites

From: Landraces of snake melon, an ancient Middle Eastern crop, reveal extensive morphological and DNA diversity for potential genetic improvement

  1. Horticultural variety: BW, Baladi White, BG, Baladi Green, SW, Sahouri White, SG, Sahouri Green. Site: name of village/district. GPS coordinates: lon, longitude, lat, latitude, in decimal degree. Alt, altitude in meter. Ecogeographical variables, measured over three decades: tmean March, June: mean temperature in March and June, respectively. Ann. Precip, CV: annual precipitation in mm and its coefficient of variance. Mean evapor. March–June: mean evaporation in mm, March–June. Soil parameters: Soil type, A, Terra Rossa Soils. B, Mediterranean Brown Forest Soils. C, Rendzina Soils Of Mountains. H, Alluvial Soils. K, Rendzina Soils of Valleys. R, loessial serozemes, and mix, mixed soil. CaCO3: calcium carbonate content. Hygr. moist.%: percentage of hygroscopic moisture content