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Table 1 Detailed information about the populations analyzed

From: Genetic diversity of BoLA-DRB3 in South American Zebu cattle populations

Acronym Sample size Number of farm Breed Type Origin (country) Sampling country Reference
NeBo 116 2 Nellore Zebu Brazil Bolivia Present work
GirBo 110 2 Gir Zebu India Bolivia Present work
BrPh 236 6 Brahman Zebu USA Philippines Present work
HeCh 49 2 Hereford taurine Great Britain Chile Takeshima et al., [17]
ShoJa 100 Random Collection Japanese Shorthorn taurine Japan Japan Takeshima et al., [17]
JEJa 69 Random Collection Japanese Jersey taurine Channel Island Japan Takeshima et al., [17]
HoJa 102 Random Collection Japanese Holstein taurine Netherlands Japan Takeshima et al., [17]
WaJa 200 Random Collection Japanese Black taurine Japan Japan Takeshima et al., [17]
HV 66 1 Hartón del Valle taurine Colombia Colombia Giovambattista et al., [12]
YA 112 4 Yacumeno taurine Bolivia Bolivia Giovambattista et al., [12]
NaPh 482 35 Philippine Native taurine Philippines Philippines Takeshima et al., [20]
NexBrPe 195 1 Nellore × Brahman Zebu mixed   Peru Present work