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Table 6 Top non-redundant terms for the GO biological process branch. For Holstein, Jersey and the cross-breed networks, the terms correspond to a FDR ≤ 35% and a dispensability = 0. For Brown Swiss, the terms correspond to a FDR ≤ 60% and a dispensability = 0

From: Including gene networks to predict calving difficulty in Holstein, Brown Swiss and Jersey cattle

Network Description GO term id P-value
Jersey Striated muscle cell development GO:0055002 0.0004
Brown Swiss Regulation of ARF GTPase activity GO:0032312 0.0003
Establishment of vesicle localization GO:0051650 0.0005
Holstein Regulation of ARF GTPase activity GO:0032312 < 0.00001
Cell adhesion GO:0007155 0.0061
Biological adhesion GO:0022610 0.0061
Aross-breed Cell morphogenesis involved in neuron differentiation GO:0048667 0.0001
Negative chemotaxis GO:0050919 0.0070
Protein localization to cell surface GO:0034394 0.0132
Locomotion GO:0040011 0.0340
Developmental process GO:0032502 0.0492
Cell-cell adhesion GO:0098609 0.0495
Localization GO:0051179 0.0860