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Table 8 Description and sources of 12 Triticeae species

From: Efficient anchoring of alien chromosome segments introgressed into bread wheat by new Leymus racemosus genome-based markers

Species ID Description 2n Ploidy Reference
KT020–003 Triticum aestivum cv. ‘Chinese Spring’ 42 [18]
TACBOW0071 Secale cereale strain IR10 14
TACBOW0112 Leymus racemosus 28 [28]
TACBOW0113 L. mollis 28 [28]
TACBOW0116 Hordeum vulgare cv.’Betzes’ 14 [18]
TACBOW0117 H. bulbosum 14 [18]
TACBOW0119 Dasypyrum villosum 14 [18]
TACBOW0121 Psathyrostachys huashanica 14 [10]
TACBOW0122 Elymus ciliaris 28 [18]
KU-199-1 T. urartu 14
KU-2-1 Aegilops speltoides 14
KU-20-2 Ae. Tauschii 14
  1. TACBOW Tottori Alien Chromosome Bank of Wheat (Japan). All the strains and their detailed description and origin are available in the gene bank of National BioResource Project (NBRP-KOMUGI) (