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Table 3 Gene models in the refined quantitative trait locus interval

From: Refining a major QTL controlling spotted wilt disease resistance in cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) and evaluating its contribution to the resistance variations in peanut germplasm

Gene ID chromosome Start (bp) End (bp) Cover(Y/N) annotation
Aradu.30S8W Aradu.A01 42,645,388 42,650,347 N NAC domain protein
Aradu.FSC6M Aradu.A01 42,712,369 42,718,645 N vacuolar-processing enzyme-like proteolysis
Aradu.5G7S4 Aradu.A01 42,738,234 42,741,762 N NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) complex
Aradu.73KGG Aradu.A01 42,895,785 42,899,760 Y heat shock protein STI-like isoform
Aradu.1I2B8 Aradu.A01 42,900,430 42,904,100 Y elongation factor Tu GTP-binding domain protein
Aradu.P5RSR Aradu.A01 42,916,210 42,918,580 Y uncharacterized protein
Aradu.J20LR Aradu.A01 42,972,238 42,973,190 Y Uncharacterized protein
Aradu.VHJ4V Aradu.A01 43,191,793 43,194,358 N SNARE associated Golgi protein
Aradu.L0WTK Aradu.A01 43,351,230 43,356,187 N DDB1-binding WD40 protein
  1. Y/N=Yes/ No, which indicates whether the gene model was covered by Amplicon-seq or not