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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of simulation schemes

From: High density marker panels, SNPs prioritizing and accuracy of genomic selection

Historical Population (HP)
 Number of generation 315
 Mutation rate for markers 10−4
 Mutation rate for QTL 10−4
Founder Population (G0)
 Number of generation 3
 Number of male 1500
 Number of female 15,000
Selection Population (G3)
 Number of chromosomes 10
 Length per chromosome (cM) 100
 Number of markers per generation 200,000/400,000
 Marker distribution Evenly spaced
 Number of QTL per generation 100
 QTL distribution Randomly distributed
 QTL effect Sampled from gamma with shape 0.4
 Heritability 0.4
 Genetic variance 0.4
 Residual variance 0.6