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Table 1 Summary of Set I containing 297 L. perenne accessions classified by geographical origin, ploidy level, biological status and donors

From: DArT, SNP, and SSR analyses of genetic diversity in Lolium perenne L. using bulk sampling

Geographical Origina
 Western EU 197 Eastern EU 10
 Northern EU 37 Oceania 5
 Southern EU 5 Unknown 43
Ploidy Level
 Diploid 232 Tetraploid 65
Biological Status
 Breeding   Ecotype 43
 Material 206 Landrace 2
 Variety 42 Unknown 4
 DSV 126 IPK 48
 NPZ 90 SZS 27
 Otherb 6   
  1. athe classification refers to United Nations Statistics Division. EU: Europe
  2. bstandard cultivars were not assigned to any particular contributor