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Table 1 Real data application. Marginal genetic effects for the associations of three GSTP1 & TNF SNPs with parents reported physician-diagnosed asthma from birth to 7–8 years of age in the pooled TAG data and in GINIplus considering a dominant mode of inheritance for the three SNPs

From: Comparison of weighting approaches for genetic risk scores in gene-environment interaction studies

   Association with asthma
   N ORa p-valueb
GSTP1 rs1138272 Pooledc 4465 1.49 <0.001
  GINIplusd 593 1.67 0.348
GSTP1 rs1695 Pooledc 4635 0.91 0.430
  GINIplusd 593 0.75 0.972
TNF rs1800629 Pooledc 4356 1.04 0.647
  GINIplusd 593 0.80 1.000
  1. aAdjusted for study, city, intervention, infant sex, maternal age at birth, maternal smoking during pregnancy, environmental tobacco smoke in the home, birth weight, and parental atopy. bp-values were corrected for multiple testing using the Bonferroni method (raw p-values multiplied by the number of analyzed SNPs (3)). cPooled data from BAMSE, CAPPS, GINIplus, LISAplus, SAGE and PIAMA, N, ORs and p-values as published in MacIntyre et al. (2014). ddetermined for this publication