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Table 1 List of five detected color-modules of genes for the intra-species analysis of human samples by the proposed method with related biologically and statistically information and related disease identification

From: Detecting TF-miRNA-gene network based modules for 5hmC and 5mC brain samples: a intra- and inter-species case-study between human and rhesus

Sl. No Module color Gene Related major significant KEGG pathways (p-value) (diseases) Related major signifiacnt GO-terms (p-value) (diseases) miR (targeter) TF (targeter)
1 Blue 102 - - 276 56
2 Brown 98 Cell adhesion molecules (4.0E-2) [72] (Neuro disease [61]). GO:CC:- GO:0005886 plasma membrane (1.0E-2) GO:MFs:- GO:0003774 motor activity (3.0E-2), (motor neuron degeneration [62]), GO:0003700 transcription factor activity (4.1E-2) (Hungtington’s Disease [63]) 78 36
3 Green 3 - - 31 2
4 Turquoise 121 - GO:BP:- GO:0051252 regulation of RNA metabolic process (1.7E-3). GO:MFs:- GO:0003677 DNA binding (2.4E-3), GO:0003700 transcription factor activity (2.7E-2). 112 40
5 Yellow 8 mTOR signaling pathway (0.032929). -