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Table 5 Putative QTL clusters on linkage groups in barley

From: Detection of QTLs for seedling characteristics in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) grown under hydroponic culture condition

Num.a Chr.b Involved QTLsc Interval Position (cM)d
C1 2H LAG(S2, S3), FILA, FILL, SELA 2HL_18227895-2_598509820 173.0 ± 11.03
C2 2H SH(S1, S2, S3, S4), SFW(S1, S2, S3, S4), LAG(S4), MRL(S3, S4), MRN(S1, S2), SLDW(S4), SLFW(S4), RFW(S4), RDW(S4), FOLL, SELW, FILA, SELA, FOLA 2_456666117-2_544135082 129.0 ± 10.19
C3 2H RDW(S4), SLDW(S4), MRL(S3, S4), SFW(S3, S4), RFW(S4) 2HS_30524211-M_223185_603 68.8 ± 10.18
C4 3H FILA, FILL, SH(S1, S2, S3), SELA 3HL_42780152-3HL_32354397 25.6 ± 6.74
C5 7H FILA, SELA, THLL, THLA, FILL, SFW(S1) 7HL_37824340-7_431414178 92.9 ± 5.19
C6 7H SELA, SH(S1, S3, S4), FOLA, LAG(S1) 1H_82374297-7_348795436 117.4 ± 9.83
  1. aThe number of QTL clusters
  2. bChromosome
  3. cQTL was represented by the trait names, and the QTL detected by the corresponding stage were shown in brackets
  4. dThe first figure indicated the distance from the top of the corresponding chromosome, and the second indicated the interval length