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Table 1 Characteristics of the genotyped breeds. The first two columns correspond respectively the short and full name of the breeds and the third column indicates the breed aptitude

From: Development of a SNP panel dedicated to parentage assignment in French sheep populations

Population Population name Meat/Milk SNP genotypinga Nb. of genotyped individuals
OIF Ile de France Meat HD 27
CHL Mouton Charollais Meat HD 27
RAVA Rava Meat HD 25
CHM Charmoise Meat HD 30
BCF Berrichon du Cher Meat HD 30
LIM Limousine Meat HD 25
LAC-OM Lacaune-Ovitest Meat HD 24
LAC-GID Lacaune-GID Meat HD 15
LAC-OL Lacaune-Ovitest Milk HD 17
LAC-CONF Lacaune-Confederation Milk HD 23
TEX Texel Meat HD 26
SUF Suffolk Meat HD 28
MERA Merinos d’Arles Meat HD 24
PAS PreAlpes du Sud Meat HD 26
NDV Noire du Velay Meat HD 26
BMC Blanche du Massif Central Meat HD 26
BB Basco-Bearnaise Milk 54 K 30
CDL Causse du Lot Meat HD 29
ROMV Romanov Meat HD 17
GRI Grivette Meat 54 K 30
VDN Mouton Vendeen Meat HD 29
RO Rouge de I’Ouest Meat HD 29
TAR Tarasconnaise Meat HD 25
COR Corse Milk HD 29
MOUR Mourerous Meat HD 24
MTN Manech Tete Noire Milk 54 K 29
MTR Manech Tete Rousse Milk HD 26
ROUS Roussin Meat HD 29
ROME Romane Meat HD 23
MBB Martinique Black Belly Meat HD 23
  1. a:"HD” stands for the Ovine Infinium® HD SNP BeadChip (603,350 callable SNPs- Illumina©) and “54 K” stands for the Illumina OvineSNP50 BeadChip 54 K SNP chip (54,241 SNP -Illumina ©)