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Table 1 Overview of BACs of Hox paralogs used as FISH probes

From: Molecular cytogenetic differentiation of paralogs of Hox paralogs in duplicated and re-diploidized genome of the North American paddlefish (Polyodon spathula)

Clone ID sensu [12] BAC Paralogs GenBank Accession Nr. Size (bp) Repeats (%)
BAC231C24 1816 Hox-D 8-13α JX280946.1 22.134 5.57
BAC249G23 1817 Hox-D 8-13β JX280945.1 33.595 9.17
BAC352P4 1818 Hox-A 1-13α JX448769.1 131.867 10.66
BAC370N10 1819 Hox-A 1-13β JX448770.1 139.159 10.48