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Table 6 Main transcription factors (TF) associated with genes overlapping with significant SNPs or regions and their biological process and literature evidences related to meat pH

From: Whole-genome association analysis of pork meat pH revealed three significant regions and several potential genes in Finnish Yorkshire pigs

TF Group Biological Process (GO) Literature evidence
PPARG Single SNPs and Region 11 Regulation of caspase activity Lipid and glucose homeostasis [47]
SRF Region 2 Muscle cell homeostasis Actin cytoskeleton and contractile homeostasis [59]
Stat3 Single SNPs and Region 1 Homeostatic process Glucose Homeostasis [60]
PPARG::RXRA Single SNPs and Regions 1 and 3 Homeostatic process Lipid and glucose homeostasis [47]
Arnt::Ahr Single SNPs and Region 3 Regulation of homeostatic process Cellular homeostasis [61]
STAT1 Region 1 Regulation of caspase activity Cellular homeostasis [62]
Nkx2-5 Region 2 Regulation of calcium ion transport via voltage-gated calcium channel activity Homeostasis [49]
HNF4A Single SNPs and Region 3 Homeostatic process Lipid homeostasis [46]
  1. 1Region 1: chromosome 3 (39,9 Mb–40.1 Mb); Region 2: chromosome 15 (58.5 Mb–60.5 Mb); Region 3: chromosome 15 (133.3 Mb–134.2 Mb)