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Table 3 Haplotypes in the 39.4 Mb–40.1 Mb region on chromosome 3 and their association with pH

From: Whole-genome association analysis of pork meat pH revealed three significant regions and several potential genes in Finnish Yorkshire pigs

Haplotype Nucleotides1 Frequency b2 SE P-value
1 AGAACAAA 0.50 1.76E-02 3.60E-03 1.26E-06
2 GGGGAGGG 0.45 -1.53E-02 3.73E-03 4.58E-05
3 GAGGAGGG 0.05 -1.39E-02 8.23E-03 NS3
4 AGAGAGGG <0.01 -1.88E-02 2.01E-02 NS
  1. 1The SNPs are: ALGA0105074, ALGA0114510, H3GA0009309, ALGA0018568, M1GA0004302, MARC0023922, ALGA0018563, ASGA0014287. 2Effect of the haplotype. 3NS = not significant