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Table 2 SNPs on chromosome 15 having a P-value less than 1.0E-04 from the conditional GWAS where MARC0083357 was included as a covariate in the model

From: Whole-genome association analysis of pork meat pH revealed three significant regions and several potential genes in Finnish Yorkshire pigs

      Original GWAS Conditional GWAS
SNP Position MAF CR A b1 P-value1 b2 P-value2 b1 P-value1
ALGA0112278 58515874 0.06 1.00 G -3.61E-02 1.70E-06 -3.86E-02 1.54E-13 -2.73E-02 1.81E-04
ASGA0106157 58532159 0.06 1.00 A -3.61E-02 1.70E-06 -3.86E-02 1.54E-13 -2.73E-02 1.81E-04
MARC0098560 58565300 0.06 0.99 A -3.51E-02 3.65E-06 -3.82E-02 2.79E-13 -2.63E-02 3.43E-04
ASGA0069653 60473765 0.06 0.99 A -3.72E-02 1.04E-06 -3.87E-02 3.96E-13 -2.85E-02 1.10E-04
ASGA0070395 123808149 0.34 1.00 A 7.93E-03 4.49E-02 -4.49E-02 1.97E-17 1.35E-02 3.76E-04
DRGA0015455 126739060 0.42 0.98 C -4.74E-03 2.31E-01 -4.66E-02 3.96E-17 -1.29E-02 8.94E-04
ASGA0070433 127982302 0.34 1.00 A -7.91E-03 4.79E-02 -4.47E-02 2.86E-17 -1.32E-02 5.80E-04
ALGA0086908 129397699 0.49 1.00 G 3.71E-03 3.36E-01 -4.79E-02 3.29E-18 1.42E-02 2.29E-04
MARC0099288 129429610 0.49 0.99 G 4.04E-03 2.95E-01 -4.76E-02 6.73E-18 1.44E-02 1.85E-04
MARC0105925 129430060 0.32 1.00 G 2.22E-02 2.71E-07 -3.77E-02 8.58E-13 1.56E-02 2.01E-04
ALGA0086957 130765546 0.42 0.99 C 3.04E-03 4.12E-01 -4.67E-02 1.74E-17 1.26E-02 6.32E-04
  1. 1Effect and P-value of the minor allele given in the column A
  2. 2Effect and P-value of the minor allele of MARC0083357