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Table 2 Selected genes from T. virens and T. atroviride predicted effector encoding genes

From: Identification of effector-like proteins in Trichoderma spp. and role of a hydrophobin in the plant-fungus interaction and mycoparasitism

Name Species JGI ID Translocation Motif Family
TvLysM1 T. virens 149422 RGYR LysM Repeats
TvLysM2 T. virens 28703 RGYR LysM Repeats
TvTrx1 T. virens 111061 HTYK Thioredoxins
TvSep1 T. virens 230947 HALR Serine-proteases
TvSep2 T. virens 11141 RRLR Serine-proteases
TvSep3 T. virens 217176 RALR Serine-proteases
TvHydII1 T. virens 49849 HGLR Class II Hydrophobin
TvMp1 T. virens 86763 RLWR Metalloproteases
TaLysM1 T. atroviride 291370 RGYR LysM Repeats
TaTrx1 T. atroviride 161155 KNLK Thioredoxins
TaTrx2 T. atroviride 139062 KELK Thioredoxins
TaCFEM1 T. atroviride 302587 NAa CFEM Domain
Epl2 T. atroviride 88590 RSLR Cerato-platanin
TaSep1 T. atroviride 321810 HALR Serine-proteases
TaSep2 T. atroviride 143106 RRLR Serine-proteases
TaMp1 T. atroviride 314331 RLWR Metalloproteases
  1. a NA not applicable