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Table 3 Characterization of three networks formed by associations between genes/proteins from the compendium

From: A compendium of human genes regulating feeding behavior and body weight, its functional characterization and identification of GWAS genes involved in brain-specific PPI network

Network/Association type Number of nodes (genes/proteins)/Number of genes as a percentage of all genes from the compendium Number of edges Average number of neighbors Genes with the highest numbers of neighbors
Experimental 355 (62%) 1254 4.3 ESR1, SIRT1, AR, NFKB1, STAT3, MAPK3, HDAC3, UBB, PTPN11
Knowledge 304 (53%) 2403 15.9 AGT, KNG1, MCHR1, PMCH, NMUR2, NMUR1, NMS, NMU, MCHR2, POMC
Homology 142 (25%) 522 7.4 NMUR2, NMUR1, MCHR1, MCHR2, OPRD1, NPY1R
All three types The total number of genes involved in all three networks = 408 (71%)