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Table 1 Breeds, breed code and number of samples used in the study

From: A genome-wide assessment of genetic diversity and population structure of Korean native cattle breeds

Breed Name Breed Code Sample Size Type Meat/Dairy
Brown Hanwoo BH 120 Taurine Meat
Brindle Hanwoo BNH 20 Taurine Meat
Jeju Black JB 20 Taurine Meat
Yanbian YB 39 Taurine Meat/Draught
Wagyu WAGY 12 Taurine Meat
Qinchuan QC 4 Hybrid Meat
Hainan HN 4 Indicine Draught
Luxi LX 5 Hybrid Meat
Mongolian MG 5 Taurine Meat
Angus ANG 24 Taurine Meat
Brahman BRM 25 Indicine Meat
Nelore NEL 21 Indicine Meat
Gir GIR 24 Indicine Dairy
Brown Swiss BS 22 Taurine Dairy
Hereford HFD 21 Taurine Meat
Holstein HOL 60 Taurine Dairy
Jersey JER 49 Taurine Dairy
Limousin LMS 25 Taurine Meat/Milk
N'Dama ND 56 Taurine Meat/Milk
Sheko SHK 20 Taurine Meat/Draught