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Table 3 Estimated additive and additive × environmental interactions of QTLs for kernel length (LEN) in barley

From: Mapping and validation of major quantitative trait loci for kernel length in wild barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. spontaneum)

QTL name Flanking interval LOD a effecta ae1 ae2 ae3 QTL heritability
h2 (a) h2 (ae) h2 (ae1) h2 (ae2) h2 (ae3)
LEN-3H 23.4–25.6 7.12 −0.1599* NS NS NS 0.1217 0.0139 0.0056 0.0027 0.0129
  1. ae1, ae2, and ae3, QTL × environment interaction effect in 2013, 2014, and 2015, respectively
  2. NS non-significant, *, significant at P < 0.001
  3. aThe analysis was based on a mixed linear model (MLM) with 1,000 permutations
  4. The mixed linear model (MLM) was used to calculate the estimated additive (a) and additive × environment interactions (ae)