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Table 2 The peak height analysis using the major cluster rule for the STR profile shown in Fig. 8. A visual inspection alone should suggest that a major cluster cannot be assigned for this profile since there is no clear separation between a set of large peaks and smaller ones. However the analysis is performed for demonstration purposes

From: Evaluation of forensic DNA mixture evidence: protocol for evaluation, interpretation, and statistical calculations using the combined probability of inclusion

Locus Major cluster peaks SMP LTP \( \frac{LTP\left(2NT-T\right)}{PHRL} \) or \( \frac{LTP}{PHRL} \) Pass/fail \( SMP-\frac{LTP\left(2NT-T\right)}{PHRL} \)
D3S1358 Top four 528 273 546 Fail All terms in this column are negative.
vWA Top three 428 252 504 Fail
D16S539 Top Four 388 231 462 Fail
CSF1PO Top three 376 202 404 Fail
TPOX Top three 397 211 422 Fail