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Table 1 Genetic diversity indexesa for adults and offspring in an Astrocaryum aculeatum population

From: Spatial genetic structure, genetic diversity and pollen dispersal in a harvested population of Astrocaryum aculeatum in the Brazilian Amazon

Sample n k A p A H e H o F P 2p
Adults 122.7 77 17 7.7 ns 0.547 ns 0.566 ns −0.035 ns 0.996080
Offspring 118 64 4 6.4 ns 0.560 ns 0.594 ns −0.060 ns -
  1. a n sample size, k total number of alleles over loci, A p number of private alleles in each generation, A is the average number of alleles per loci, H e and H o expected and observed heterozygosities, respectively, F fixation index, P 2p theoretical combined non exclusion probability for second parent. b ns non significant by the Student’s t- test with p (probability). A, p = 0.543; H e , p = 0.885; H o , p = 0.809; F, p = 0.894