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Table 1 Results of various specificity tests for tiger and leopard specific primers available in literature

From: Schrodinger’s scat: a critical review of the currently available tiger (Panthera Tigris) and leopard (Panthera pardus) specific primers in India, and a novel leopard specific primer

Primer Target species In silico PCR positive amplification, Ampliflix NCBI Primer BLAST match with non-target species PCR Positive amplification
Forward Reverse
TIG 490a tiger tiger Hyena lion, hyana (striped & spotted), lynx, puma tiger, leopard, lion
TIG 509b tiger tiger tiger, leopard puma tiger, leopard, lion
NADH4c leopard lion, tiger, hyena lion, leopard lion leopard, lion, clouded leopard, tiger
TSPd tiger tiger tiger - tiger
LSPe leopard leopard leopard - leopard
  1. a,b – Mukherjee & Mondol et al., 2007 [15]; c– Mondol et al., 2009 [17]; d– Bhagavatula et al.,2006 [16]; e– This study