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Table 1 Longitudinal GAW19 statistical models, data set, and software used by this group

From: Longitudinal analytical approaches to genetic data

Contribution Phenotype Covariates Genetic data Data Set Model(s) Longitudinal correlation Software
Chiu et al. [10] Hypertension status (Baseline, Longitudinal, Ever, Progression) None GWA chromosome 3 Real multipoint LD mapping using GEE Independent working correlation Author’s software in FORTRAN
Justice et al. [11] SBP adjusted for BP medication Age, sex, PCs (1–4), (smoking nonsignificant) GWA Real LCGM (phenotype) and VCs within mixed model (association) Unstructured covariance SAS (LCGM) MMAP (association)
Melton et al. [12] SBP Age, sex, and smoking WGS Simulated VC Correlation between SBP responses SOLAR
  1. BP blood pressure, GEE generalized estimating equations, GWA genome-wide association, LCGM latent class growth modeling, LD linkage disequilibrium, MMAP mixed models analysis for pedigrees, PC principal components, SAS statistical analysis system, SBP systolic blood pressure, SOLAR sequential oligogenic linkage analysis routines, VC variance-components, WGS whole-genome sequence