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Table 4 Haploview 'Tagger' analysis of the 29 GWAS associated chr2q37.1 SNPs identified 9 SNPs as tagging the allelic variation across the region

From: Serum bilirubin concentration is modified by UGT1A1 Haplotypes and influences risk of Type-2 diabetes in the Norfolk Island genetic isolate

SNP tested Alleles captured
rs4148325 rs3771341,rs887829,rs1105879,rs4148325,rs6742078,rs17863787,rs1105880,rs6744284,rs4148324
rs2008595 rs4294999,rs4148326,rs4663963,rs2221198,rs3755319,rs4124874,rs2008595
rs6725478 rs6725478,rs10168155,rs10171367,rs7608175
rs7586110 rs10179094,rs7586110
rs10168416 rs10168416,rs2070959
rs2741027 rs2741027,rs2741012
rs2741023 rs2741023
rs2361502 rs2361502
rs4485562 rs4485562