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Table 5 Additive effects of QTL for TKW in F2 and F2:3 populations

From: Identification and characterization of a high kernel weight mutant induced by gamma radiation in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Environment Population Marker intervala Position (cM)b LOD Additive effectc Contribution (%)
BJ-2011 F2 Xcau1053-Xbarc239 6.01 5.23 −2.65 10.61
HB-2012 F2:3 Xcau1053-Xbarc239 7.81 2.28 −0.45 2.94
SX-2012 F2:3 Xbarc239-Xbarc1118 5.98 2.27 −0.56 1.58
BJ-2014 F2 Xcau1087-Xbarc239 5.05 4.97 −1.70 9.51
SX-2014 F2 Xcau1053-Xbarc239 0.00 2.58 −1.43 14.87
  1. aMarker interval is the interval containing the significant peak value of the QTL
  2. bPosition means the distance of the significant peak value for the QTL from the first marker in the marker interval
  3. cA positive value indicates the Fu4185 allele having a positive effect on TKW, and negative value indicates Shi4185 allele having positive effect on TKW